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Welcome to The Maven School for Early Childhood Education

Here we do more than just teach children — we prepare them for a bright future. At Maven, we believe in the power of a nurturing, inclusive environment combined with high academic standards to unlock each child's potential.

Why Choose The Maven School?

  • Holistic Development: Our curriculum is designed not just to educate but to cultivate the whole child, emphasizing not only academic skills but also social, emotional, and physical development.

  • Diverse Community: We pride ourselves on fostering a diverse student body that mirrors the real world, helping children develop empathy, respect, and a broader understanding of the world around them.

  • High Academic Standards: At Maven, our goal is to ensure every student can maximize their potential through challenging and engaging learning experiences tailored to their unique needs.

  • Specialized Programs: From language instruction in ASL, Mandarin, and Spanish to extracurricular activities like yoga, gardening, and martial arts, Maven offers unique opportunities that enrich our students' educational experiences.

  • Character Education: Through our Maven model, we focus on developing key character traits such as resilience, integrity, and curiosity, preparing students not just for school, but for life.


Embrace Our Mission: We seek families who appreciate and support our mission to create a well-rounded, inclusive, and challenging educational experience for our students. Join us to be a part of a community that values education and the development of strong, capable young minds. 

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