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Maven Education was created to respond to a gap, to meet a need. Finding an organization that will love and care for your child to the extent you would is difficult enough. Finding an organization that can accommodate children who are cognitively beyond the third-rate set bar, while meeting their social and developmental needs, and intentionally filters their curriculum through a lens of social justice is even harder to find. The added layer of finding all of these qualities in a preschool, the timeframe in life where we retain the most information at any given period of our lives, has not existed– until now. 

Toddler with Wooden Toys


To create a new definition for excellent early childhood education by providing each student with an individualized core educational foundation of character that reflects the extent of their own capabilities in a safe environment where they know they are loved. 


To establish The Maven School For Early Childhood Development as the most valued and sought out early childhood institution and educational philosophy.

Young Painter
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